Christian G. Sperandio

My name is Chris, I live in France (close to Paris) and I'm a C-language developer at Cegedim.

I like programing and I try to know more everyday. Even if for my work I must program in C, I prefer the Oriented Object Programing (like Java,ObjC,C++,Python and more).

My studies learnt me the Unix OS and since this date, I've always tried to work with this system.
I began with Linux and thanks to it, I discovered the GNU philosophy ( . Nowadays, I use for my personal projects an iBook with OS X Panther (and if one day I can, I will buy a powerbook).
I know OSX isn't "GNU Compliant" (and I'm not a mac-addict) but for now, this system is the best for me.

Apart from computing, I like guitar (in blues,rock,metal),geopolitic and reading by smoking cuban cigars.
The authors that I like are:

For end, I'm an European against the Software Patents. Because for me,it's like create Idea Patents and I think everyone has to can improve an idea if he wants. Imagine if MS patented tabs then we should never see tabs appear in browser. It's one example which comes in my mind which lets me think the software patents are a bad thing for computing progress.

You can get informations about GNU at

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