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I would to have a way to backup my personal folders easily. I began the iSauvegardes projects which was a good way to learn Applescript.
What it does
With iSauvegardes, we can easily define a list of folders you want to copy. You can schedule your backup too by giving date and time.
Current release version
This day, iSauvegardes' release is 0.7.1. It is in english and french.
v.0.8: improvment the scheduler by adding the possibility to schedule each copy.
Save the informations about backup in user preference rather than the ".iSauvegardes" directory.
Correct the ressource forks problem (see Important section) at bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or suggests about iSauvegardes, click here (or mail to with subject: [iSauvegardes] suggests).

Download this software with its sources.


A user tell me about problems with some files and their ressource forks. Now, I don't care about it and only files are copied. This kind of files come from "old-school" softwares which store informations in meta-datas. Nowadays, Apple advice developters against this storage with OS X. I didn't think about that because I haven't got this kind of files and I'm sorry for the inconvenience if you have some.

How you know if backup it's ok for your files ?
After the backup, verify the file's type and its icon. If all this informations are the same then it's good for you. Else, please wait a new version of iSauvegardes.

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