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When my wife offered to me an iPod (I love her), I have already got almost 200 CDs. I found tirely the import to my iTunes library (put in the CD, get the tracks name, select all tracks, go to the advanced menu and choose the convert action).
Anymore, sometimes I convert the same CD twice times.
Then, I wrote this applescript and now I only click on it (I put it in my applescript menu).
This script does:
  • launches iTunes if it's not been yet
  • gets the album and tracks names
  • verifies if the album is already in the library
  • if it isn't then launches the convert action
Current status
This script is complete and *normally* works fine :)

In the archive, you will find two scripts: one for the English iTunes and one other for the French version.

If you have any questions or suggests about CD2Tunes, click here (or mail to with subject: [CD2Tunes] suggests).

Download this software.

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